Old Scuola Pizzaiolo

Categorie : acts theater varieté
Genre : pizzaiolo pizza spinners

Demo Materiaal: VIDEO1

Old Scuola is a group of pizza makers and dough acrobats whose main goal is to promote the pizzaiolo handicraft.
Its founding fathers Daniel & Marco were annoyed by the bad quality of pizzas in and around their hometown Rotterdam and therefore started ‘Old Scuola’ in 2012.

Educated as an engineer and as an archaeologist, they’re nowadays on a quest to show people good pizza! With no compromises and solely the best ingredients, they make pizzas the way it’s supposed to be.

Passionate and with a distinctive sense of style they travel all along the big festivals and events in the Netherlands, but they’re also hireable to enlight your private party, business catering, product release, wedding, workshop or others.

As long it’s fun to do and there’s an opportunity to show their skills, they’re up for everything.
Just ask!

p.s. Well-kept secret is their distinctive knowledge of Italian food in general. Take for instance a look at their antipasti.. Wow… jaw-dropping!”


Pizzaiolo de benaming voor een kunstenaar die pizza’s weet te maken.